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Family Accipitridae
Grey Goshawk (Accipiter novaehollandiae)

Grey Goshawk (grey phase)The Grey Goshawk inhabits forest areas in the eastern, south-eastern and northern parts of Australia ranging from the north east Kimberley,across the top end and down through the forested areas of the east, across the south coast to Adelaide and throughout Tasmania.

Unlike the Brown Goshawk, which relies almost entirely on stealth and surprise to catch its prey, the Grey Goshawk is a bold hunter which pursues its prey in flight, striking at speed, and even chasing prey into dense undergrowth.  It will also use ambush and surprise to catch birds.

The Grey Goshawk preys on birds, terrestrial mammals up to rabbit size, reptiles, grasshoppers, beetles and other insets such as cicadas.

The Grey Goshawk's preferred habitat is heavily treed and humid forest areas such as rainforests and very dense, tall eucalypt forest.

There are two colour types, or "phases" of the Grey Goshawk:  the grey and the white.  The white phase Grey Goshawk is the only pure white bird of prey in the world.

Grey goshawk (white phase)

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